Chayo Asset Management Company Limited

CHAYO ASSET MANAGEMENT engages in the business of buying debts from financial institutions to manage the company and manage it for maximum benefit to the Company, institutions, sellers and debtors by monitoring. Or debt reduction or negotiation or reconciliation or litigation, including investigation and the auction of collateral In this regard, the company acts under the Asset Management Company Act. Licensed by the Bank of Thailand and maintaining the image of seller is important

Chayo Property and Service Company Limited
(รับงานบริการด้าน Call Center)

Customer Service Center servicing on debt tracking and collection service, investing, and managing non-performing loans auctioned from financial institutions and other companies including lending business (collateral and non- collateral

Chayo Capital Company Limited

Lending Business both collateral and non-collateral

555 Shopping Company Limited

Extend the call center business that the company has expertise Businesses selling products through Call Center and/or 24 hour online. Main products are cosmetic products, food supplement, and health products.

Chayo JV Asset Management Compnay Limited
Invest and/or jointly invest in asset management business

On April 9, 2021, Chayo JV Asset Management Co., Ltd. has been granted a permission to operate asset management business from the relevant departments. The objective of Chayo JV Company Limited is to invest and/or jointly invest in asset management business and/or other relevant businesses.