Overall Guidelines

The company has adhered to the values of business treatment that are fair to all revenant parties, society, economy and the environment with high-level of ethical and moral operation standards, upheld the principles of maximum transparency and equitable treatment to promote the confidence level for the shareholders, investors, staff, customer, and stakeholders under the corporate governance principles.


“Expertise in managing secured and unsecured non-performing loans professionally, for customers, and key stakeholders.”


  • Professional management abided by Law and Debt Collection Act.
  • Promote and protect positive image of customers and stakeholders.
  • Lead by systematic marketing and completed execution.
  • Managing assets with integrity and providing best solutions to debtors at all time.

In order to comply with the Principles of the Good Corporate Governance of The Stock Exchange of Thailand, the company has outlined the guideline for corporate social responsibility and anti-corruption policy as follows:

  • Fair Operating Practies

    The company has adhered to the values of business treatment that are fair and under the related rules and regulations. The company shall recognize the importance of the responsibilities towards the stakeholders which are shareholders, staff, customers, partners, investors, creditors and the society.

  • Anti-Corruption

    The company is opposed to all forms of corruption, ensures to conduct its business based on the principles of good corporate governance, transparency and fairness. The organization shall be managed effectively, transparently and verifiable. The company also provides knowledge and encourages the staff to comply with the anti-corruption policy.

  • Respect on Human rights

    The company places importance to the respect of human rights as it is the foundation of the rights. Also, the company outlines the appropriate human rights compliance, and fairly treats the staff without discrimination on the grounds of group, nationality, race, ethnicity, religions, languages or social status, and promotes the surveillance of human rights compliance which is the ground for the management and human resources development foundation.

  • Fair Treatment to Employees

    The company has placed great importance on the fair treatment toward employees, equitable management, professional advancement of the staff, and efficiency of the staff. The company as well promotes the code of conduct, provides appropriate benefits, and opens for any suggestions and opinions.

  • Responsibility to Clients and Debtors

    The company has outlined the appropriate code of business conduct towards clients and debtors by developing quality and up to standard service. Effective data management and efficient service management are being established in order to serve the clients and debtors. Further, efficient data management is being developed in order to serve the decision making for the clients

  • Environment Conservation and Effective Environmental Resources Utilization

    The company has upheld the responsibilities toward the society and strictly acted upon related rules and procedures on the environment conservation, and also outlined the protective measurement to immediately solve if there are any environmental impacts occurred from business operations. By means of the company has defined both policies and regulations as follows

    1. Every Board of Directors also employees must take part in protecting the environment and improving company's workplace environment for instance; the company holds Big Cleaning Day Activity, allow the employees to clean office desks also sort out the equipment which unprofitable to a workplace, environment and employees' sanitation.
    2. Every Board of Directors also employees must reduce garbage and wastes along with recycle discarded products and materials which still be salutary.
    3. Every Baard of Directors must conserve as well as energy efficiency use. The company has defined procedure in saving electricity and water energy by using economical also efficient for instance switch off the lights, turn off the air conditioners as well as switch off the electrical appliances as a campaign duly. Furthermore, electrical appliances selection with energy saving quality particularly light bulbs, air conditioners and electrical appliances indoor.
    4. The company has disseminated policies as well as enlightened to the Board of Directors and Employees by means of efficiently resources usage declaration to all employees through bulletin boards in accompany with stimulating also assisting employees’ cooperation conscientiously
  • Community and Social Development

    The company has highly values the responsibility toward the society. The company, thus, arranged campaigns to support the community and social development by promote the education, foster the career path. The company opens the opportunity for the personnel who do not graduate the Bachelor degree, or even high school (Matthayom 3), to be recruited. As well, the company encourages self-reliance through the social development campaign.

  • Innovation and Diffusion of Innovation

    The company has initiated the development of innovation in order to promote the efficiency of the process, and to encourage the development and distribution of innovations to the staff aiming to connect the company’s goal and the customer’s needs in return.

The Activities of Corporate Social Responsibility (After Process)

The company has places an importance on Corporate Social Responsibility: CSR, and on social, environment and quality of life development. In 2019, the company has participated in the follow Corporate Social Responsibility activities:

Corporate Social Responsibility: CSR
No. Date Location Project Name Project Details Amount (Baht)
1. 1/02/2019 Business Administration Program in Information System, Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-Ok : Chakrabongse Bhuvanarth Campus. Seminar and Business Skills Competition Due to the company has been invited to support charitable activities in the seminar and business skills competition. 10,000
2. 13/07/2019 Impact Muang Thong Thani Give scholarships to disabled children at Foundation for Empowerment of Person with Disabilities. Due to the company realizes the important of education for children with disabilities, we had decided to give 10 scholarships to the disabilities in all level to be a part of their education. 50,000
3. 20/09/2019 Dhupateme Royal Thai Air Force Sports Stadium Supporting the Thai boxing competition Due to the company was invited to be support the activities of the Royal Thai Air Force Academy and Boxing stadium of the Royal Thai Air Force for youth, citizens and civil servants. 15,000
4. 24/09/2019 Dum Yai Temple, Udonthani Almshouse Arise from the company was invited to be the guest of honor in merit ceremony at almshouse arranged yearly by Dum Yai Temple as a host. Moreover, a lot of faithful people had attended into this ceremony 5,000
5. 24/09/2019 Ban Nong Yang Temple, Amnat Almshouse The company was invited to be the chairman of the alms-making ceremony for the pauper, with the Ban Nong Yang Temple who are hosting a merit event held often annually and there are also many people who had faith to attend such a merit event as well. 5,000
6. 5/10/2019 Wat Anong Kha Ram Temple, Amnat Charoen Almshouse The company was invited to be the guest of honor in merit ceremony at almshouse arranged yearly by Wat Anong Kha Ram Temple as a host. Moreover, a lot of faithful people had attended into this ceremony. 5,000
7. 9/10/2019 Ban Hin Dad School, Nakhon Ratchasima Building Renovation Due to receiving donation support documents to improve the building and to promote the atmosphere in teaching and learning. 30,000
8. 1/11/2019 Wat Pa Udom Sap Temple, Srisaket Kathin Ceremony Due to the company was invited to co-host Kathin Ceremony with Siam Commercial Bank PCL (SCB) to purchase land for the temple. 10,000
9. 18/12/2019 Ramathibodi Hospital Establishment of SME D Bank step up to the 18th year Due to the company was invited to donate to Ramathibodi Hospital for Establishment of SME D Bank step up to the 18th year that organized by Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand. 2,000

Anti-Corruption and Conflict of Interests Policy

  • Acceptance of Cash and Benefits
      1. Directors, executives and employees shall not agree to accept money or any other benefits from the customers, partners, or the person who has business dealing with the company.
      2. Directors, executive and employees shall not lend or borrow or soliciting customer or person who has business dealing with the company, except the money borrowed from banks or financial institution.
  • Operation Similar Business to the Company
      1. The directors, executives and employees shall not operate one’s own business which impacts the assigned duties and working time.
      2. The directors, executives and employees shall not operate any business competing with the company even through one’s will receive direct or indirect benefits.
  • Operation the Business with the Company
      1. 1. The directors, executives and employees shall disclose by detailing the name, family name or juristic person’s name that may have a conflict of interest, prior to perform any transactions with the business.
      2. 2. Prohibit the directors, executives and employees who have the rights to vote for the transactions
      3. 3. The executor shall check whether the directors, executives and employees have any relationship with the partners prior to perform any transactions to prevent the conflict of interest. The definition of relationship shall be as per the disclosure of information and other acts of listed companies concerning the connected transactions of the Stock Exchange of Thailand.
  • Gifts and Entertainment
      1. Directors, executives and employee shall not agree to accept both cash and non-cash benefits from the partners and stakeholders, unless accept the gift during the festival seasons with the value not greater than 3,000 baht. Acceptance of gifts greater than 3,000 baht must be reported to the supervisors for further appropriate actions.
      2. Directors, executives and employees shall utilize the entertainment cost for the benefit of the company and avoid excessive solicit entertainment provided by other stakeholders or expected partners.
  • Business Travel and Seminar
      1. Directors, executives and employees shall accept any business travel and seminar, arranged and paid by the partner, with the purpose for company’s benefit, and must be approved by the authorized supervisor prior to such acceptance. However, no cash and other benefits received from the partners are allowed.
  • Offering Gifts and Entertainment
    1. Offering gifts and entertainment to third parties might sometimes be regarded as bribery since it can be viewed that the offering of gifts and entertainment are for the purposes of business benefits from and to the government. Directors, executives and employees shall not offer such gifts and entertainment. However, only the authorized delegate is allowed to offer appropriate gifts and entertainment to the clients.
    2. In some business, juristic person and specific location of the company might stricter policy and/ or more reporting or approvals.
  • Donation
      1. The company has positioned itself as a good citizenship by supporting the society activities such as donations. The company provides the fund to support the donation and will arrange through several charity institutions to avoid the inappropriate arrangement such as the organization that support the terrorism and money laundering or other criminal. Thus, the employees will need to act upon the Anti Money Laundering (AML) policy.
      2. A donation has to be proven that it has nothing to do with a reciprocal return with any staff, clients, suppliers, government house or partners, as for the benefits or lead to any decision making for one’s benefit.
      3. Donation activity should be confidential and voluntary made whereby there should not be any impact to the company’s recruitment process or interfere the decision on the benefits paid and must be as per the company’s policy.
  • Political Contributions
    1. As a citizen, the staff might be interested in politics or being convinced or having any relationship with the government authorities. However, participation in any political process might have direct influence over the company, even though it has been done personally by the staff’s own participation. However, the company has outlined the rule not to participate in any political activities, and also applied to several applicable laws such as if the employees perform any unauthorized political activities, they will be subjected to the punishment according to laws, no business dealing with and/or also incur reputation risk towards the company.
  • Performing other businesses

    There might be a conflict of responsibilities, once the employee is the director of other companies who are listed in the Stock Exchange. As well, there might be a potential risk that the employee will spend majority of the time participating for other companies’ activities, which will become obstacles for performing existing roles and duties for the company. However, the company does not encourage the employee to participate or accept the director position with other companies listed in the Stock Exchange.

    The employees must declare and seek for the approval prior to enter into any of the following activities:

      1. Being a director or a member of the Board of Director in other companies listed in the Stock Exchange.
      2. Being a director or a member of the Board of Director in Public Company with the purpose for the profit.
      3. Being a director or a member of the Board of Director in non-profit organization but lead to the conflict of interests or interfere the management of financial and investment.
      4. Run of political election, or accept the position in the government, or any relationship with the government agencies.
      5. Other non-profit business but lead to or having possibilities of the conflicts of interests.
  • Commitment to the Code of Conduct
      1. Directors, executives and employees shall strongly uphold the code of conduct. Disciplinary action as per outlined in the policy shall be imposed if any violations to the code of conduct are found.
      2. Directors, executives and employees are having the responsibilities to sign acknowledge on this code of conduct at the time being the employees and when there any changes.
      3. The management and the supervisor should be a role model for the code of conduct and have duties to monitor and support the employees under one’s responsibilities to act upon the code of conduct.
      4. Any exception on the code of conduct to the management and directors will need to be approved by the Board of Director.
  • Ethics and Complaint
    1. Channel for the Complaint (Hot Line)

      Whenever there are any breaches, violation of ethics and conduct, wrongdoings, or unfair treatment by the Executive Director, Audit committees and /or the Board of Directors, the company will investigate the complaint in a timely manner with fair and justice. The employees shall submit their concerns and/or fill in the form for further submission to the Executive Director, Audit Committees and/or the Board of Directors, whereby the information will be kept confidential. Channels to raise the complaints are as follows:

      1. Direct supervisor
      2. Human Resources Department 02-004-5565, 086-819-3333
      3. Fill the information in company’s website http:// www.chayo555.com/ or email to center@chayo555.com

    2. Procedure to handle complaints

      The complaint center shall consolidate all information regarding the breaches and violations of the ethics and code of conduct for further consideration and handling, also to take preventive measure and report the result to the complainant (in case disclose the name)

    3. Preventive measure to protect the complainant or person who provides support in the information gathering process.
      1. The complainant or person who provides supports is free to disclose the name. The company will report back the result in case the complainant chooses to disclose the name.
      2. The person received complaint shall treat all complaints confidential, and only disclose necessary information to the responsible parties.
      3. The company prohibits all the retaliation against the complainant or person who provides supports. The retaliation will be subjected to disciplinary action which might results in the dismissal.