CHAYO vision is to develop sustainably with concrete guidelines and procedures that are integrated into the organization's strategic plan with in the sustainability framework


Sustainability framework based on stakeholders’ concerns across three dimensions: environment, society and governance. The sustainability framework is integrated into the primary operations to drive the organization’s mission efficiently as follows:

Sustainability in Operational Structure

CHAYO has designed a clear and sustainable organizational structure to drive its Sustainability Development. The structure covers Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) and integrates sustainable development, in line with the national economic goals and is a part of operations in the organization along with responsible business operations for the stakeholders.

Corporate Governance

Strengthen a culture of governance and risk management. Support anti-corruption practices within the organization.


Create value for all groups of stakeholders including strengthening and stabilizing the economy of the household and the country.


Promote social well-being and quality of life, support people to have financial literacy with consideration of the benefits of customers.


Promote efficient usage of resources by using a policy and support environmentally friendly business operations

Sustainable Development Policy Objectives:
  • To create awareness and responsibility for sustainable development guidelines
  • To change the vision of employees and the organization.
  • To ensure that CHAYO’s economic development provides social and environmental benefits, including the interests of stakeholders